In the past, the interior layout was put together instinctively, as part of the building process. With the development of society, the pursuit of effective use of space, functionality, sustainability and user well-being has grown in demand, transforming the interior design profession into the art of planning effectiveness and beauty.

To tie it all together, why not bring the indoor out with a comfortable and inviting leisure area complemented with a lush landscape.


If you are planning on remodelling your home structure to accommodate your family needs, consequently increasing your sale value, or undergo a new project, MIPA will plan, research, coordinate and manage such enhancement projects, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment, according to your vision.

  • Space planning / floor plan
  • Research of sustainable, user friendly, durable materials, such as flooring, windows and doors, counters and lighting
  • Coordinate with engineers, contractors and suppliers
  • Site inspections
  • Management and execution of the design.


Our main focus when designing commercial spaces is to develop functional layouts where segmentation, visual identity and/or an adequate display of products on windows, shelves and other display units, provide a welcoming and pleasant environment, as well as in a positive experience to consumers, increasing dwell times and consequently; customer spending. We encompasses a wide range of subspecialties.

  • Corporate: office design for any kind of business
  • Exhibitions: booth / stands design, showrooms and galleries
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality: includes hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants and spas, etc.
  • Retail: department stores, supermarkets, visual merchandising, and showrooms.