The Perfect Thanksgiving

Beside Christmas, Thanksgiving is that time of the year where the whole family comes together. With all the cooking and preparation that this holiday entitles, table setting is the least of your worries. Creating a Thanksgiving table is easier than you think and we want to make sure you have it perfect this year. These simple ideas can get done in the weeks leading up to the big day, using elements that you may already have. Take a look!

Set the mood

We all know that the turkey is the king of the party, but he doesn’t have to be alone. The most important element of your table design is place settings. This is the time to take out your grandmother’s china or even those unmatching plates you have scattered around the kitchen, like the ones in the picture. The best tip is to go simple, you don’t have to have 4 plates, like above, but the whole point is to save you time and money. However, there are a lot of us that do need to get lost in the crockery isle. Opt for a simple trim design and color, like grey or white, so you can use them throughout the year. For drinks, give each diner two glasses, one for water and one for wine. A cloth napkin will make the meal feel like a special occasion.

Center of Attention

When you start decorating your house to welcome the fall season, think ahead and prepare your centerpiece with elements that can be maintained throughout the fall holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Cornucopia baskets full of fresh fruit (apples, pomegranate, oranges, grapes), will make it feel different every time you replenish the fruit. Wrap the baskets with fall foliage, candles and miniature pumpkins. Use a beautiful runner to tie the table together. Tip: Consider buying LED candles instead of real flames, if you have a crowded table with lots of dishes being passed around. This safer option looks just as great and can be used again next year.


Personalize your place settings by simply adding a miniature pumpkin. Go around the table and ask each one of your guests to share and write what they are most thankful for. Not only you have achieved a polished table look, but you are also interacting with each other in the most perfect way!

Who’s Who?

When there’s a large family celebration, place cards are a must.  Making sure everyone has a seat will relieve so much stress for Thanksgiving day. Use regular tags and a color paint pen to write in the names of each family member and set it with a small dry branch of your choice. This inexpensive place card idea is quick and easy to do, plus keeps with the traditional Thanksgiving table setting.