Succulents & Cactus mini gardens

The timeless succulents and cactus mini gardens are back in trend and it is not difficult to understand why. Beautiful and practical, they are a long lasting and low maintenance greenery option, that combine different textures, materials and tones. Their presence can transform the environment of your home or establishment in a very original way.

Succulents come in different shapes and sizes, plump and fluffy or with funky foliage, they require low watering and most grow little to nothing. The cactus, spiny yet charming, are super resistant, love arid and dry environments, but should still be watered in a spaced manner.

We made this mini garden, to be used as a center piece of a dining table. We used two types of succulents and three types of cactus. Start by putting some thick gloves on, then, fill the bottom of your display bowl with your choice of pebbles, to insure drainage. If your using a glass display, try coloured pebbles.  Follow by a layer of soil, where you will lay your succulents and cactus. Finish with smaller pebbles, sand or even seashells for texture. Give it a go, we promise you won’t regret it.

Configuration: Echeveria, Haworthia fasciata or Zebra cactus, Echinopsis subdenudata, Espostoa lanata, Echinocereus coccineus.