Small Outdoor, Grand look

The best tip for small outdoors is to draw the eye up and away from the small footprint. Spruce up your small balcony, patio or deck with these decor tips that will fake more space.

Layer it

Let’s imagine you have an unattractive concrete square in the middle of your building. You can design layers, by creating floor and vertical planters and bamboo platform. This will allow you to have all sorts of ambiences like a playground, a relaxation area, barbeque or even a fire pit, surrounding yourself of your favorite greens.

Outdoor Drapes

When you have a small space, the best trick to make it look bigger is by drawing the eye up. Adding outdoor fabric drapes, not only will protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, preventing the colour from fading, but will also create texture, giving it a cozy vibe. Be creative and use a wood or metal pergola, use a regular curtain rod made out of bamboo or an outdoor metal rod.

Vertical Space

Just like the drapes, hanging pots will bring the eye of your guest up, allowing you to utilize your vertical space with different types of flowers, giving it colour and texture. You can also add an old mirror or a crystal chime, which will reflect the sun light and make the space feel more open and magical. This is a quick and easy way to make your tiny space much grander than it actually is!

Tall Planters

Add tall planters in strategic corners, filled with colorful,  annual flower. This will minimize the small square footage of your outdoor space. Add a small cedar tree, boxwood shrub, tropical plant, or miniature ornamental tree if you prefer greenery over blooms. If you don’t have a green thumb, use faux flowers. You could also get creative and do a bit of DIY by colour spray dry branches of your favorite colour.

Small-Scale Furniture

Watch out small balconies, gardens or patios, you have a new best friend; small scale furniture. Use love seats, poufs, beanbags, cushions or even small bistro sets, allowing your space to look bigger and improve your traffic flow. Just make sure you don’t cramp the flow by using outdoor furniture that’s too big.

String Lights or Lanterns

Everybody loves a beautiful string of lights. Add dimension and style with the different colors and shapes; Mason jars with tea lights, paper lanterns, metal lanterns with different shapes, battery or sun charged battery chandeliers or just the regular light bulb, which ever you prefer just ensure it is prepared for outdoor use. String lights or lanterns will brighten up those dark corners, create a romantic ambience and visually open your outdoor gatherings.