Scandi ideas to transform your kitchen

Give the heart of your home a Nordic treatment.

What is a Scandinavian kitchen?

There are a lot of aspects that make a Scandi kitchen a hit but the main principles to achieve it are a soothing colour palette, clean lines and surprisingly well-planned lighting. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that minimal means cold. Scandinavian style rooms are filled with warmth, Thanks to clever use of light, wood and other natural material, which has helped fuel its popularity. Bring nature in with fresh flowers, potted herbs or houseplants.

To stick with the Scandinavian design movement aim for an open plan with plenty of space for the family to gather. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, to design a Scandinavian inspired room, is to create a space that is practical with clever storage solutions, making the space feel brighter and organized, but at no cost to style and aesthetic. Let us emphasize again in the most important aspect of the Scandi look, the ultimate final touch: lighting. In the northern hemisphere, during the winter months, the days are extremely short, daylight only lasts a few hours, obviously creating bright, well-lit spaces, becomes extremely important in a Nordic design. Pendant lights are a great option to cozy up a kitchen island, or maybe some LED’s lights cleverly placed on shelves.

If you’ve caught the bug of the clean lines, simplicity and minimalism from the Nordic interior design, here are our favourite Scandi kitchen ideas to inspire you.

1. Stick to a cool light colour palette

Scandi style visual is white washed walls and cabinets, that will create a sense of calmness and purity; if you stick with this simple rule you just can’t go wrong. A cool light color pallet will work no matter the size of your space, but it will work wonders on a smaller kitchen, giving it a larger but warmer feel, that you will never want to leave.

2. Create pools of light with pendant lighting

Duo to the long dark winter days in Nordic countries, light is an extremely important feature in any space of the house. Low hanging pendant lights over an island tend to create pools of light. Spoil your choices with splash of color or slick design. Muted blues and greens are oh-so Scandi. Lower the at eye level and make them your kitchen feature.

3. Make space for Family time

In Scandinavian culture, as in most cultures, it is incredibly important to gather the family for meals. Make space for a dinning table or breakfast bar to ensure the kitchen is the heart of the home. Choose a table that complement your kitchen, like a wood with white accents table, finishing it with fresh flower vase to add color.

4. Display your everyday items

In order to achieve the famous Nordic minimalist and streamline style, you need to think in clever storage solutions, with no useless spaces. Well planned shelves, on those awkward corners can be used for beautifully labeled jars, filled up with your favorite grains or simply stack your everyday crockery; complemented with hanging racks for your spices or utensils for easy access when needed. Life simplified!

5. Create texture with wood finishes

Light colored wood finishes are key to create an authentic Scandinavian look. Beech or Ash wood are great choices for your floor. Complement it with raw, untreated, natural look wood for your countertops and shelving. Avoid stained or varnished wood if you want keep with Scandi style. Choose a simple dining table, but sticking with the same wood color.

6. Hide clutter in floor to ceiling cabinets

Another ingenious way to show off your beautiful butcher block countertops clean, is by investing in a floor to ceiling cabinet. Wide enough for your microwave, kettle and other gadgets. Set up a coffee station or arrange all your baking trays. You simply open them up and close them behind you as you dash out on the school run.

7. Try two tone cabinets for a designer look

While most Scandinavian design relies on a muted colour palette, don’t be afraid to add personality with a splash of colour. If your motto is “color is Life”, use a simple 2 tone colour palette to highlight your kitchen design. look to pale greys, pinks or blues but use them in small quantities for maximum impact, like in this kitchen with white clean cabinets around a blue island.

8. Add warmth with metallic accents

At first glance, this kitchen looks extremely busy, but every plate has its place. Metallic accents – especially copper – will add warmth to a minimal white colour scheme, in this case, the copper pendent and handles. Don’t be afraid to play with textures, shapes and finishes, like your floor or a back-splash accent.

9. Use plants as accessories

Complete the look with some fresh flowers, houseplants or potted herbs for another nod to nature that’s typical of Scandinavian style. Pots of mint, thyme, basil, they will not only fragrant your space but will soften the straight lines with life. Use placemats or rugs to create texture.

10. Pair statement flooring with white walls

Have some fun with a playful geometric floor. Using the same Scandi style dream team white and wood colour scheme, this zigzag pattern, made up of clean lines, incorporates de neutral and minimal, stamping your personality in the design.