Jingle Lights

Lights, lights and more lights. Lights are the most important part of Christmas, nowadays you almost need to be an expert to choose the right string for your tree. Experiment with different lighting strings until you find one you like; it’s OK to mix and match lights. Here are five popular types of Christmas lights to choose from when decorating your tree.

These Christmas tree lights are the perfect choice if you have a real pine tree. Incandescent lights create heat to produce light, so they warm up the branches of a real tree and release the scent of pine into the room. Incandescent lights appear multicolored due to the colored glass that surrounds the tiny bulb.

LED lights are super popular. They are cool to the touch, no matter how long they are left on. They are typically more expensive but are also energy efficient; they use about 90% less than their incandescent counterparts, which adds up to significant savings in the long run. LED’s are rated to last thousands of hours compared to the hundreds of hours of the incandescent lights.


Has the name suggests, these lights are round and come in many sizes and colors. They have a softer glow than mini lights but the light they produce covers a larger area on the tree, making it look like bursts of color on the branches.


These retro non-traditional lights stand straight up on the limbs of your Christmas tree. When the liquid tube on top of the light warms up, bubbles float up and down inside the tube, resembling lava lamps. They are the most expensive of all the tree lights, but they can be paired with any other type of lights giving your tree a dreamy spin.


Shaped lights are everywhere. If you’re not a big fan of garlands, these lights can definitely be the perfect substitute. They can be snowflakes, hearts, stars, let your imagination go wild. And the best thing is, they can be used outdoors, even when Christmas is over.