Oh my ledge!

Is it a bedside table? Is it a bed frame? No, it’s a picture ledge!! I mean, these little shelf-like ledges have tons of different uses, besides the one it has been made for. Here are a few hacks, by some ingenious DIYers.

Bedside table

Small space, no problem. This bedside idea is a budget, space-saving dreams of creation. Take two picture ledges, attach one to the wall as ‘normal’ then take the second and positioning it above the other, flip it upside down fix to the wall, creating a small capsule like space to keep nighttime essentials to hand. Complement it with a warm LED strip.

Vertical storage

Image Credit: IKEA

Have you been dying to get that sports equipment or those tall objects handled? Vertical storage is a smart decision, especially in a small home where space and storage are premium. Turn picture ledges lengthwise and secure them vertically, choose decorative knobs to attach at the top and bottom of each one of the ledges. Then using a rope, a string or even a colourful flex of your choice, securely intertwine around each one to create a fence-like effect.

Cat climbing wall

Want to please your feline friends but don’t know how? Just give them a wall or two. To create this ingenious climbing wall. Fix picture ledges at various heights and distances on one wall, to provide a scratching surface you can line them with slithers of matting and to make interactive use wall brackets to dangle toys, making it more appealing. This is a great idea, designed for all the cats in Dubai, house-bound duo to the heat. 

Coat or Utensils Rack

If you have the need of a little bit of storage on your small entry way, this solution is perfect for you. Simply turn the ledge upside down and fix a few hooks. This way you still have the shelf functionality for your pocket bits plus the hooks for hanging. You can also get creative and instead of hooks use drawer knobs of different shapes and colors. Use the same idea in your kitchen, display your spices on the shelf and hang your most used utensils.

Home office desk drawer

Image Credit: IKEA

Do you have a make-do office desk? Why not add a make-do desk draw to keep the all-time used clutter away? Attach two picture ledges on their sides  to the underside of a flat belly, solid wood desk. The spacing between the ledges should be the size of the storage box you want to use, to run along the ledge, mimicking a pull-out draw. Adding a sturdy slim wood in the grooves makes extra shelving.

Bed Frame

This hack is a little more complex, but amazing non the less. Using 3 ledges, fix the bottom two as per “normal” instructions and at you desired height. Flip the third and top ledge upside down. Attach a solid piece of wood in the front of the shelves to create a solid flat look and voila. Get created with color, plain simple one color coat or geometrical patterns; or if your really hands on why not upholster the front with a fresh cool fabric.