Decoration mistakes

With some being more successful than others, many of us took advantage of the extra free time at home to redecorate. But what are the biggest decorating mistakes made during lockdown?

Using incorrect equipment

First and foremost, if you don’t have the right tools and equipment for a project, any project, don’t do it. Leave it to the professionals. You’ll thank youself later.

Over crowding vs. too bare

Most people want to put as much of their personality inside a room as possible. There is nothing wrong with that, but remember when it comes to accessorize, less is more. You should also avoid buying uniform furniture sets that will make your space look like a showroom.

Neglecting Light

Never underestimate the power of lighting. A proper, well planned scheme can transform an ordinary space into something remarkable. The key is to enhance natural light during the day by choosing the correct window treatment, strategically placing floor lamps and choosing the right ceiling lighting, that can also create pools of light by night.

Cosmetics over function and repair

As much as we liked to ignore a problem with the hope it will just disappear, chances are it will never be the case. It is important you get this step right, then you can look to the cosmetics. That being said, if your space has issues like damp, mould, cracks or worse, it is always recommended to address these issues first before the decorating begins. You’ll be glad you did.

Theme Areas

Themed rooms are full of character and super fun, but they can also become tiresome and outdated incredibly fast. You should reconsider the chalet living room theme, unless you live in the mountains.

Unachievable DIY Projects

When taking on a DIY project, consider why you are doing it. Is it because you can’t find what you are looking for? Or is it because it will be cheaper if you do it yourself? Whatever your reason is, make sure you don’t undergo a never-ending project. Seek professional advice, even during lockdown, many are taking on virtual projects, so you’ll never be without a helping hand.


Remember that old saying, “buy cheap, but twice”? Every day we get an overwhelming amount of deals, reductions and campaigns, but sometimes buying a brand new piece of furniture just because it’s cheap, it is more of an emotional impulse than a logical one. Consider repurposing your old, but sturdy and great quality dresser. A fresh coat of paint and new fixtures will go along way. You can also find second hand, long lasting furniture online. Just make sure to check it before you finalize the deal. Redecorating is meant to be fun and not meant to put you on a financial strain.

Too Big?

One of the most common mistakes is buying before measuring. 1 inch makes a difference, so everything must be measured, and then measure it again.