About US

Our Story

Milene, a Brazilian native and Patricia, a Portuguese traveler, were brought together by a mutual friend, formed a friendship at first sight and a business partnership right after.

The goal of MIPA Designs, is to bring happiness and functionality to Everyone’s Home, with a design that can be maintained for a long period of time. We strongly believe that you don’t need to break the bank to have a beautiful home or establishment. The beauty of interior design is that it can be whatever and wherever you want it to be. From your simple studio to your 6 bedroom villa; from your local coffee shop to your 300 rooms hotel, we will transform your space, thoroughly incorporating all your needs and wants.



• From: Campo Grande MS, Brazil
• Most precious thing: My kids; Camila & Caio
• Dream Location: Toscana, Italia
• Guilty pleasure: Reading cooking recipes
• Pet peeve: Messy beds and disorganization
• Most chill: Coffee in the AM and a glass of wine in the PM with Patricia
• Biggest stress: Litter, traffic and heat (All things you can’t avoid in Dubai!)


Favourite things

• Mustard and teal colour
• Winter in Dubai, spring & Autumn anywhere else
• Coffee in the AM and wine in the PM
• White lilies and sunflowers
• Anything with apple and cinnamon
• Vintage and copper


Interior Designer

• From: Lisboa, Portugal
• Most precious thing: My fur baby; Tia
• Dream Location: The world
• Guilty pleasure: Travel, travel and travel
• Pet peeve: Loud chewers
• Most chill: Coffee in the AM and a glass of wine in the PM with Milene
• Biggest stress: What doesn’t stress me? Blame the OCD