6 timeless colour schemes

The most effective way of creating a mood in your home is by coloring it. From pillows to carpets, to a cozy warm sofa or a cold plain wall, these 6 amazing colour schemes will help you inspire your wildest imagination.

Jump back to basics with the luxury and modernity of monochrome. This ageless and stylish trend was born in the 1910’s, in France and was named Art Deco. Black and white can be a hard-working option but if you consider sleek geometric, stylized forms and clean shapes with a “streamlined” look, this colour scheme will showcase a striking symmetry.

A fun yellow with a neutral grey creates a winning combination. From a children room to your formal living room, the possibilities are endless for a luscious statement. This arresting colour combo is playful and full of character. It’s a fail proof option.


Here is a colour pallet that will make your home feel airy, pure and light, whether your transforming an inviting beach house or a high sky chic apartment. Faded tones of sunset pink, ocean blue or foamy white, are as much of a statement as vibrant, screaming colours. No matter the location or the season, this scheme will not let you down.


We understand that blue and green is an ambitious scheme and that these are colours that do not complement each other, but, when done right, this organic colour combination will take its cue from nature and will look exquisite. These ocean hues of aqua green combined with rich petrol blue, will inspire your boho inner creativity.


From the 18th century, when pastel pink became fashionable in European courts, to the 21st century, when neon pink boomed around the world; this is a colour that will always be seen as a charming, sweet, innocent, sensitive and romantic colour. It is now your turn to reinvent the little girl’s pink room, to a classy, sophisticated adult heaven.


The possibilities of a grey colour pallet are endless. This is a colour that should be explored on its own, by using a paler hue in contrast with a rich, deep incarnation, you will create a harmonious and coordinated look. But then again, it is the simplest colour to add any pop to it, down the line.