Hallway decorating mistakes

They say first impressions are made when you first walk into a house. On that basis, shouldn’t the hallway be the most important area of the house? Yet, it is often the most neglected. That does not mean you have to go all in with the décor, but it should definitely create the right impression. There are endless mistakes we’re all probably guilty of, but fear not, we have unearthed the 5 top blunders and they are super easy to avoid.

1. Choosing light coloured flooring … no more!

No matter what you do, dirt arrives thru your hallway floor, even with a strict no shoes policy. Forget the rule of light coloured laminates or tiles floor, pick patterned tiles or dark wood floors. They are simple to clean and won’t show marks as easily. Depending on how much traffic your hallway gets, add a hard-wearing doormat and runner to finish the look.

2. Where are my shoes and my coat … keys??

Either your tripping on your shoes, or picking up coats and backpacks from the floor, or worse, waking up an hour earlier just to look for your keys.
Hallways are the perfect place to add a bench seating that is also shoes storage. You’re not only saying “sayonara tripping” but also “feel free to leave your shoes when you arrive”. Rather than drowning in piles of coats, hang as many hooks as you can, you can even label the hooks. Boxes or bowls are not only decorative but will also help you “confine” your keys. Bye bye clutter!

3. Small = Dull

Small hallway doesn’t have to mean dull hallway. Be bold and sexy, don’t be afraid to experiment a daring colour. We all know the rule white equals to brighter and bigger. Using an audacious colour such as red will create a vibrant and welcoming space. If you don’t want to gamble all your walls red, try just a few audacious colour accessories such as bench pillows, hooks, rugs or boxes, that will remove the tedious from dull.

4. Turn on the light

No matter which dingy, dark space your decorating, light goes ALL the way. Strategically plan your light with the space, art work or vintage pieces. Use directional wall light to highlight a beautiful ceiling, recessed floor lights will make your hallway look higher and open and multiple pendant lights running the length of your hall will draw the eye into the space, making it feel much warmer and inviting, but a single pendant light will create the opposite effect with shadows and dark patches. If your hallway is full of natural light, maybe sconces with a soft warm light will suffice to make your space guest ready.

5. Abstract smudges on the walls

Your hallway is one of those areas that you should invest in a quality scrubbable or wipeable paint, duo to its high traffic. Wood paneling that suits the age and history of your property can also be an alternative. Muddy splashes and little fingerprints no more.