2021 Interior Design Trends

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in early spring, many people pivoted to working, playing, exercising, and socializing from home, making the way we furnish and decorate our living spaces more important than ever. “On the upside, it has forced homeowners to reflect, dissect, and evaluate how they live in their homes, how it makes them feel, and how, ultimately, they want to change and improve upon their relationship with home,” says Louisiana interior designer Lance Thomas.

Take a look at some of the major trends of home design for the new year of 2021.

Salaam to Nostalgia

One of the biggest 2021 decorating trends isn’t new at all. As people turn to nostalgia for comfort and security, vintage or retro pieces and design styles, such as Victorian or Art Deco, are making a comeback. This trend has been noticeable for some time now, mainly in fashion, with lace collars, rich velvets and ruffles. The old-meets-new trend has been emerging through gilded finishes, floral prints, and ornamental details that offer contemporary takes on historic styles. Time for a treasure hunt expedition to your grandparent’s attic..

Easy-to-Clean Fabrics and Surfaces

COVID put cleanliness at the top of the list for everyone, needless to say that easy-to-clean materials will rise in popularity as a way to curb the spread of germs indoors. When it comes to solid materials; non-porous, such as glass and metal or steel, will rise up; they are less susceptible to bacteria growth and offer no-fuss cleaning. On upholstery, rugs and other soft surfaces, should be chosen according to their performance, stain resistance and stand up well to daily wear. These kid-pet-friendly materials are to be used throughout living spaces, especially as remote learning will continue for some children.

Closed Floor Plans

Throughout 2020, many families had to learn how to co-exist under the same roof from morning until, well, morning, the appeal of open floor plans, where each room flows seamlessly into the next, has greatly diminished. The pandemic has forced us to recognize and treasure the importance of space; open floor plans aren’t always the best decision when the same space is being used to work and play. Carving out a designated space for different activities, such as remote work or homeschooling, allows for more privacy and limits distraction.

Natural Materials

We saw a renewed interest in live edge and rattan over the past year, and this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2021. Natural materials such as mango tree slabs, jute, leather and ceramic will continue to furnish homes this year. We suggest layering a variety of natural finishes within a space to create depth and texture. Top a large jute rug with a smaller wool one, for example, or accessorize with pillows and throws made with organic fibers. You can also substitute your dying live plants for the amazingly well-done imitations, that are inundating the UAE market; but remember, there is nothing better than a real, live plant.

Sustainable Furnishings

An increased focus on sustainability is impacting many aspects of our daily lives, including how we furnish our homes. We’re seeing a shift with shoppers increasingly turning away from cheaply made, big-box store furniture in favor of high-quality pieces that will last you a life time and consequently are friendlier on the environment. When buying furniture, décor or even when you’re doing fit-out, seek out materials that are certified sustainable by the manufacturers. Think about the pieces you have at home, maybe you can repurpose with a fresh coat of paint or even do some 2nd hand shopping.